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Out July 14: Bruce Cullen - Rumbullion

Bruce Cullen - Rumbullion Pre Release 'Bruce Cullen - Rumbullion' [High Contrast Rec.]

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Bruce Cullen - Rumbullion "Bruce Cullen entered the stage in 2012, his first release on Black Hole Recordings [In Trance We Trust] with his debut single 'Princess Bay' and immediately caught the attention of the big names in the industry. With "Rumbullion" Bruce delivers a follow up, and this 2nd release on High Contrast Recordings is said to be "A perfect example of Trance and House". ~High Contrast Recordings

Support List: Paul van Dyk, Rank 1, Jacob van Hage, Lange, Rafael Osmo, Alex (DJ GlobalByte) Italy, Steamup Radio / RTW.FM Holland (Eddy Becker), Alexsed (Alex Sedletsky), John Gibbons, PGX, More Soon...

From High Contrast Recordings: "Rumbullion by Bruce Cullen is not your typical trance tune, but as you know we at High Contrast like to take a step and think outside the music box. A big tune made for the big crowds..., just as we like it :-)"

Bruce Cullen brings big-room baselines and an outside the box approach to both the trance and house genre. A track that can be played mainstage for most all the big jocks in the industry. 'Rumbullion' from the very start with its massive breakdown to a cinematic string type orchestral melody, it rolls along with a strong, full of energy but gentle touch that any EDM fan will embrace without a doubt.

'Bruce Cullen - Rumbullion' Headed to the Top of the Dance Charts!

Bruce Cullen - Rumbullion' [High Contrast Recordings] Enters at #15 on the International Dance Music Buzz Chart

"A Man Every DJ Knows" Is ready to break out again!

Bruce States: "I visited TomorrowWorld 2013 in Atlanta with some very good friends who travel the globe to see EDM events. I visited Sensation Black, Sensation White & Trance Energy in Holland, LoveParade Germany, etc. over the past 2 decades. 'Rumbullion' is a product of many sounds I witnessed first hand around the globe."

Bruce's Most Recent Releases: 4 Sheets To The Wind [Fraction Records]. With eight tracks under his wing: 'NeverEverLand', '4 Sheets To The Wind', 'Red Rum', 'Roland Sandor & Joren Heelsing feat. Corun - At The End (Bruce Cullen Remix)', 'Airscape - Welcome Home (Bruce Cullen Remix)', 'Princess Bay', '1492' and 'Rum Runners', Bruce Cullen will be mesmerizing the EDM crowds all around the globe and put you in a state of dance, you'll not be able to stop playing them over and over again. Bruce Cullen's '1492' (makes top 15 on the trance chart & top 25 EDM charts). The growing support list: Rank 1, Paul Oakenfold, Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Paul van Dyk, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Tillate Magazine, DJ Mag Italy, Jacob van Hage, Lange, Eddie Halliwell, Solarstone, SteamupRadio Holland, RTW.FM Holland, Mr. Pit, and many more to come...

DJ & Producer Bruce Cullen

Producer Bruce Cullen Bruce Cullen (a Producer to Watch Close) Continues to Entertain The EDM Scene after Two Decades Behind the Scenes. His Energetic, Deep, Sometimes Mysterious Themes Continue. More Tracks to be Released Soon. "I'm Honored to be involved in the EDM Music Genre with its Respected & Quickly Growing State." ~Bruce Cullen | Like Bruce on Facebook! Like Bruce on Twitter!
Bruce Cullen's Rumbullion, beautifully crafted, with an infectiously dance-able breakdown, BIG-ROOM classy synths that are easy to ignite any body and soul. Rumbullion will elevate any festival to a much higher place in dance-land. It's packed with euphoria, with atmosphere and a HUGE feeling of synergy. "I'll continue producing 2 types of sounds moving forward, 1) Melodic yet deep releases & 2) Tracks that are sure to lift you off the ground at any festival" says Bruce.
Bruce Cullen - Rumbullion
Meaning behind the track name...

Bruce Cullen's newest release 'Rumbullion'. "Sitting down and finding the perfect sound for Rumbullion, I watched EVERYONE very close at TomorrowWorld 2013 last summer. When the show was over I looked at my colleague Dustin Goodwin and said 'I'm going to release a track that takes all of the amazing music I just witnessed, all this amazing energy of friends experiencing events together-as-one and I'll bring it to the EDM scene'; Rumbullion was born. It had to create a feeling of togetherness like I witnessed, the soft breakdown did this perfectly!"

Bruce Cullen, "A Man Every DJ Knows" currently releasing with High Contrast Recordings, Black Hole Recordings and Fraction Records.
DJ / Producer Bruce Cullen and his dark, but both fun, mysterious & energetic tracks, this is one DJ to follow! Bruce Cullen's Biography and Artist Page on Black Hole Recordings.
DJ Trance Producer Bruce Cullen

High Contrast Recordings Artist and The Producer of 'Rumbullion' goes Hollywood! EDM Recording Artist Bruce Cullen begins his quest to compose EDM Hollywood Motion Picture Scores, contact Bruce now for more information and get on-board.

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