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Out Now: Bruce Cullen - 4 Sheets To The Wind (Original & Remix)

Bruce Cullen - 4 Sheets To The Wind (Original & Remix) Download 'Bruce Cullen - 4 Sheets To The Wind'

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Bruce Cullen - 4 Sheets To The Wind "Bruce Cullen entered the stage in 2012 with his first release on Black Hole Recordings [In Trance We Trust] with his debut single 'Princess Bay' and immediately caught the attention of many big names in the industry. With "4 Sheets To The Wind" Bruce delivers an outstanding follow up plus a magnificent remix by Danilo Ercole."

Review: Flux BPM Online: "Dimitri Kechagias review: One of the finest and most upcoming trance dj & producers from USA with his own very distinctive style is Bruce Cullen. His productions appear on many well known record labels including Black Hole recordings. His latest production lands on the magnificent label 'Fraction Records' and is called 4 Sheets To The Wind. It's a future anthem in the making and it moves to the melodic progressive trance territory with an earthshaking epic synthy lead that is destined to cause serious damage on any trancefloors.

Of course Bruce is never predictable in his tracks so on this one he does something really tricky as he twists our expectation and unleashes a bass focused really hard and maddening climax that will please even the mainstage sets and USA EDM followers as well. It's the kind of track that you press play and observe the crowd feeling it from the very start till the end. The fantastic Danilo Ercole is on board as well and his version is an excellent deep dark progressive trance trip that takes advantage of the excellent epic melody and builds a Gothic dark and sinister production that DJs like Markus Schulz will feel very attracted to play. What I really like on this one, it gives you the sense that you are on board for a mysterious unconventional journey, and that nothing is given or known. Trance at its most purest and hypnotic. Two great versions to play this winter. Love IT!"

Support List: Cor Fijneman "Combining old feeling of trance w the sound of now.. Playing Tonight", Giuseppe Ottaviani, Peter Knijff, Bjorn Akesson, Roger Shah, DJMag Italia Alex Globalbyte, Johnny Rizk, Nick Turner, Christopher DJ Sonic Dalton, Izzy Meusen and much more...

Bruce Cullen - '4 Sheets To The Wind' has been called "Bruce's First BIG Club Track" by some established DJ's. Danilo Ercole completed 1 remix of which is included in this package. This release is set for Nov. 25, 2013. Bruce Cullen is presently working on two more club tracks aimed to blast straight through the barriers of EDM.

Bruce's Most Recent Release: Red Rum Black Hole Recordings [In Trance We Trust] With six tracks under his belt: 'Red Rum', 'Roland Sandor & Joren Heelsing feat. Corun - At The End (Bruce Cullen Remix)', 'Airscape - Welcome Home (Bruce Cullen Remix)' for Johan Gielen, 'Princess Bay', 'Rum Runners' and '1492', Bruce Cullen is set to awaken any fan of electronic dance music. Bruce Cullen's '1492' EP (top 15 on the trance chart & top 25 EDM chart) support list: Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Paul van Dyk, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Tillate Magazine, DJ Mag Italy, Paul Oakenfold, Eddie Halliwell, Solarstone, Mr. Pit, and more...

DJ & Producer Bruce Cullen

Producer Bruce Cullen The Rising Producer Bruce Cullen Continues to Entertain The World after Two Decades being Behind the Scenes. The Deep, Mysterious Themes Continue. More Tracks to be Released Soon. "I am Honored to be a Part of the EDM scene and its Respected & Closely Watched Status in this Genre of Dance Music." ~Bruce Cullen | Like Us on Facebook! Like Us on Twitter!
Bruce Cullen's 4 Sheets To The Wind, traditionally based with a big room twist, a drop to please fans at any festival or event and packed full of mesmerizing energy. "I'll continue with two sounds going forward, melodic, yet deep releases & tracks that are sure to lift the roots of any dance floor" says Bruce.
4 Sheets To The Wind
Bruce Cullen's newest release '4 Sheets To The Wind', if you're not yet in a dance club once hearing this track the first time... you'll find yourself driving to one nearby, it just has that vibe baked in. Download this big-room promo NOW and add it to your next set, you'll be proud you did!

Bruce Cullen, "a Man Every DJ Knows" currently releasing with High Contrast Recordings, Black Hole Recordings, Fraction Records and others soon.
Bruce Cullen and his dark mysterious influenced tracks, this is one DJ to watch close! Bruce Cullen's Biography and Artist Page at Black Hole Recordings
DJ Trance Producer Bruce Cullen Fraction Records Artist and The Producer of '4 Sheets To The Wind' goes to the Movies! EDM Recording Artist Bruce Cullen begins his quest to compose EDM Hollywood Motion Picture Scores... contact Bruce now for more information and to get on board with these productions.
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