Bruce Cullen’s Flashback, 8-20-18, Dash Berlin – Till The Sky Falls Down


You might miss something, right? You miss it in its very basic form.

Late Night Romance

Examples: You might miss the pie, warmed up in the oven with 10 scoops of butter pecan ice cream on top. You might miss the frozen flavored icicles at 1 am with some deep groovy progressive trance on the HDTV, on Youtube, … candles. You miss having the lights dim, a few puffs (420 style). You miss taking a late night drive to check on the stars above, or maybe even a walk with your dog around the block. Lots to miss right!

Things are just not the same. That time sitting on the porch hiding from the neighbors. Putting up flower pots and chairs between the neighbors and you… to have some closeness with that special someone. So so many moments.

Music and Vivid Memory Recall.

You miss those moments and you look to music to let it all settle in. You think about all those tracks you played in the past. They bring back such vivid memories. Man, these are no ordinary memories. You can taste them, feel them and definitely hear them inside your head… again and again, … and again. You have that flashback when you first met: a beautiful woman pointing her finger at you, calling you to her. And your life was never the same again! Here is a track that pretty much covers it all, by a colleague of mine.

Let’s Get Going: Here is Dash Berlin:

Dash Berlin – Till The Sky Falls Down (Vocal Mix). Enjoy!

This track is all about these thoughts and memories you have in your head… and it triggers those memories all over again. That’s why we are here with Bruce’s favorites from the past.

And Bruce Cullen’s Favorite Remix:

Dash Berlin – Till The Sky Falls Down (Arctic Moon Remix)

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